Sourcing & Processing

Sourcing & Processing

– providing the best quality green beans and roasted coffee from the Gayo highlands.

Our coffee sourcing

Aceh Coffee Indonesia pays close attention to our customers’ needs . These tastes vary, so we stay constantly in tune with our farmers and their individual coffee profiles.

Methods of supply

Screenshot from 2014-01-06 16:13:59Parchment: Farmers bring their freshly harvested  coffee beans still in their parchment to our facility for ongoing processing. The processing method, either wet or dry, will depend on customer demands. The farmers’ direct system ensures that they  receive the highest possible price by direct delivery.

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Cherry sourcing: We have begun within the facility to process cherries. This practice is rare in Aceh, as most farmers sell parchment to collectors. However, farmers are seeing the benefits of this approach, especially when they do not have their own hulling equipment and the wet weather makes it difficult to dry the parchment. Farmers have begun to recognize the potential and satisfaction of controlling coffee quality by this system. Our aim at ACI over the next two coffee seasons is to process all of our coffee direct from cherry sales from farmers.



Luwak: Known round the world as one of the most desired and valuable coffees, luwak depends entirely on the eating habits of the civet cat whose diet consists of coffee berries. Farmers in Indonesia normally find these raccoon-like animals a nuisance, but the market for luwak is a valuable one. This has led to some farmers keeping musangs as they are known in Indonesia, in cages force feeding them cherries. ACI encourages its farming partners to rely on sourcing luwak beans from wild civet cats.


ACI encourages the use of local labour. Due to our commitment to improving the livelihoods of farmers and their families’ quality of life, harvesting and process will take place in Pantan Cuaca.


ACI has also established a small facility in Medan to turn our green beans into a fine roasted to provide our supreme roasted coffee directly to the consumer, by introducing a roast coffee to customers ACI is committed to increasing returns direct to individual farmers. Our roast coffee brand Royal Sumatran Tiger Coffee, ACI will contribute towards protecting the flora and fauna of the Leuser National Park.