Meet Talib

Talib is the authority on coffee farming. He’s been at it for the 15 years, the longest out of his peers in Pantan Cuaca. Now, he’s the man the rest look to for advice.
Talib moves about the coffee trees with ease. He plucks a ripened berry for taste. “This village can be the best village for coffee,” he said.
And he’s the man who would know. Talib has been farming coffee beans for 15 years. As the senior farmer with the most experience under this belt, Talib is the man the rest of the farmers come to for advice. The reason, they say, is that he knows it all. He says that with the arrival of Aceh Coffee Indonesia, he gets a much better price for his coffee and he’s eager to see what the future holds for his coffee business. “The coffee here will be good for prosperity,” he said.