Meet Khalid

“I wish my kids can earn money that’s better than me,” said Khalid, 32 years old, as he proudly shows off his three-week old daughter.

Khalid walked in his father’s farming footsteps. At an early age, Khalid became a chili and tobacco farmer. He married a local girl, started a family, and over the years built a house next to his father who, in his 80s, can often be found perched outside his front door chatting with his friends and keeping an eye on the daily grind.Six years ago, Khalid switched crops from chili to coffee. Now he is part of a small number of farmers in the pristine Pantan Cuaca mountains who benefit from Aceh Coffee Indonesia. “There are more benefits to growing coffee,” Khalid said. “You just plant a seed once and it keeps giving.”

On this day, Khalid proudly showed off his three-week old daughter, a small cooing baby who joins her two other siblings who are growing up in the coffee hills of Gayo. But following in their father’s exact footsteps is something Khalid isn’t worried about. “I wish my kids can earn money that’s better than me,” he said. “It can possibly be in a coffee farm or they can be a leader of coffee collectors. It depends on their luck. They can be what they want.”
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Khalid’s dad (left) can be found most mornings chatting with his friend outside his house.